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23 July,2013

About us





The Information Technology Solutions is a new company that was created to provide internet services, but also to promote a responsible business in the world of internet.

It is a fact that the internet plays a vital role in our lives. Education, Entertainment, Reading, Movies, Shopping, Sales, Information, Radio are some of the activities that are repeated daily through our computer. Businesses of tomorrow should recognize this change in our daily lives and to adapt to new circumstances.

Our Company can offer you services that will bring in the first place your business, and that will give a competitive advantage over your competitors. Our Services are:

Web Design, application development, Create e-shop, Creating Content Management System website, Creating e-learning Site, Customer Management Systems, CRM, Web Hosting, Domain Names, e-marketing, SEO, Social Media promotion, Wi-Fi Systems, Invoice Web Software, Document Management System.

Our basic tools are:
Appetite for work, perseverance to succeed and our imagination!





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About Us

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